4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Your Mattress

Most people tend to throw away the mattress as soon as they see the earliest signs of bed bug infestation. According to them, the logic is very simple, just get rid of it if you see a bed bug crawling on your bed. But little do they know that throwing off the mattress isn’t going to solve their problem. If they buy a new mattress, that would also be infested in no time. This is why we have listed a few reasons to why you shouldn’t just throw away your mattress when you see a bed bug.

  1. They aren’t only just on your bed

It is a common myth besides as their name suggests that they infest only the beds. Hence, people tend to get rid of it. They need to realize that bed bugs tend to infest many places as well. They can be found in headboard, bed frame, nightstands, footboards, walls or floors. They have a knack for hiding in any crack or crevice where your credit card can easily be hidden. If you aren’t addressing other spots and rooms for bed bug infestation, then you are in for a huge nightmare.

  1. They repopulate very quickly

You might wonder that throwing away your mattress might cut down half the population of the bed bugs. That’s where you are wrong, buddy! The bed bugs might have infested other areas as well and they are very quick at repopulating, so you can only imagine the repopulation happening at other spots as well. Throwing off the mattress doesn’t make much of a sense now, does it? You can put an end to this infestation by using the treatments provided by https://solutioncimex.com.

  1. You still need a bed to sleep on nonetheless

The bed you are about to throw off has been in used for very long. So imagine, throwing it off, you might have no place to sleep on. You might think of sleeping on the couch, but chances are, it might probably be infested too. You can only address this issue by installing interceptors on the legs of your bed to block them from reaching your body.

  1. Replacing your bed is costly

Imagine the money you spent on your bed you are about to throw out. Think about the box spring, headboard, footboard, and bed frame. The last thing you want to throw off is something expensive that would really cost you a fortune investing in. You need a bed to sleep on and you would still have the infestation if you throw it off. In other words, you need to play to replace the bed you are about to throw off and you will need to invest in treating the remaining infestation.