Decorating Hacks for Families Who Love to Travel

If your family loves to travel, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know some of the best decorating hacks! Make the trips more memorable by preserving the memories and using them as decors at home! Your guests as sure to be envious of the fun you had as a family and how it inspired the design of spaces at home!

Hang Photos on the Wall

One of the things that you can do is to display the photos to give life to a boring wall. Print the photos on canvas. The unique texture of the fabric will make the photos more appealing. Rather than using a single photo, create a montage of several pictures of different sizes. This will make a good-looking gallery wall. Check out some of the canvas prints from Shutterfly for inspiration on how to print travel photos.

Create a Photobook

If you do not want to hang the photos on the wall, you might want to create a photobook instead. This is better because you can collate even hundreds of photos in one place. It is the modern version of a photo album. It is like a coffee table book with pictures of the family while on a holiday. You can just leave it on the tabletop as an accent piece. Look at the personalized gifts from Shutterfly and see how they can make a good photobook that can also be a good decorative piece at home.

Build a Map

For travel-inspired home décor, another excellent idea is a map with pins and photos. Basically, you have to find a blank wall space at home. Buy a world map or commission someone to draw a map on the wall. Place a pin on a specific country that you have already visited as a family and connect it to a string that leads to your favorite photo from that destination. This can make a good conversation starter when you have guests!

Use your Polaroid Shots

Even in a time when Facebook and Instagram are preferred platforms for sharing photos, print is still not dead. Especially if you have a Polaroid, do not let the shots go into waste. Do not just keep it in the drawer! Instead, show it off! One simple thing that you can do is to display it on a string with clips. This is another great way to add life to your walls. You can even add fairy lights!

Display your Souvenirs

Your travel mementos can also make a good decorative piece at home. For instance, you can display seashells collected from a recent beach vacation in a jar. If you bought a wool blanket, use it to add layers and textures to a lounge seat in the living room. If you collect key chains, you can have a display case to show them off!

In sum, with the things that have been mentioned above, you can preserve your travel memories while also making them essential home décor pieces!