DIY Christmas Cards: Mistakes to Avoid

Yes, it is convenient to walk into a shop or go online and just pick a random Christmas card, perhaps the cheapest from the bunch. However, what does this say about you? It goes to show that you are not giving a careful thought, possibly because you are giving it to a person who does not matter that much.

If you want the card to be more special, however, you can take the DIY route. Even if you are not an artist, you can be creative and create a greeting card that will be well-loved by the recipient. To do this, do not commit the mistakes that are listed below.

  1. Using Clichés

You need to craft a message from the heart. Do not write a message that you have just copied online or heard from someone else. Think of popular Christmas phrases or short Christmas sayings and be inspired by them. If you use a cliché, it will feel just like another overrated and expensive Hallmark card!

  1. Being Boring

If you want the card to be appreciated, never be boring! Think of ways to be creative so that it won’t end up being dumped in the bin right after it has been opened. Consider some Christmas photo card templates or give out photo insert Christmas cards. You might even want to use naughty pictures to give the recipient a loud laugh!

  1. Using a Regular Paper

A white bond paper should never be used when making a DIY card to send for the holidays. After all, stationery supplies are affordable, so there is no excuse to not buy. Use thicker papers with light colors, such as blue and green. This way, your message can be easily read as opposed to using dark colors like red.

  1. Not Checking the Grammar

Avoid the most common grammatical errors that can be found in Christmas cards. Watch out on where you position the apostrophes. For instance, if your last name is Smith, you should write Merry Christmas from the Smiths and not Merry Christmas from the Smith’s.  Also, do not write Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Instead, write Wishing you a merry Christmas. After all, merry is not a proper noun, so the first letter does not need to be capitalized.

  1. Being Too Late

When it comes to giving out Christmas cards, it is always better to be early than late. You might end up being busy once December starts, so it will be wise to prepare the cards beforehand. This is especially the case if you plan to be crafty and if you need more time. Also, snail mail can be slower during the peak of the holidays, so it is better if you will send the cards early for them to arrive on time.

If you are making a DIY greeting card for Christmas, avoid these mistakes, which will make sure that your simple effort to personalize your holiday greetings will be appreciated.