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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Every interior design project is different. Depending on the requirement and expectations of our clients, we work through the details and do our best to deliver quality with affordability in mind. As we craft our designs tailored to specific decor needs, please contact us directly and consult prior for us to provide a reasonable quotation for your interior design needs.

What is the best paint color?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and subjected to atmopshere settings to match theme or a sense of feel and belonging to the surroundings. In short, there is no best colour in the hands of an experienced interior designer.  

Will we drive around to different stores to pick out furniture in person?

Typically we do not go store-to-store to shop for individual pieces. Shopping for furniture in person greatly reduces the number of pieces available to you, it takes much longer to travel between stores, and many times the piece you want may not be on the showroom floor anyways.
To recreate the shopping experience at home, we try to gather as many photos, specifications, and product samples as possible to help you make an informed decision.

What is the order of things in a project?

The order of a project depends on the scope of work. The largest piece of furniture gets selected first and thereafter, we filter the selection to the smallest pieces.

In renovations, we begin with:

– Put the plan on paper
– Review with contractors
– Obtain quotes
– Prioritize the work
– Create an order

We know the drill and will ease the process for you once the order is created.

What is a typical project like?

We are commonly asked this question; however, there is not an easy answer. Once a project begins, you will be in constant communication with us. We do a lot of work by email and phone since it is an incredibly efficient form of communication, and allows quicker turn-around time. Typically, we send project plans, product selections, and bounce ideas off of each other by email. 

Why can’t everything be done in eight weeks?

Once our clients hire us, they often think we can control the timeline. Like you, we want the project completed efficiently but it takes time to get all the materials selected, concept drawings finished, items shipped etc. All the different stages of a project adhere to their own schedules.